How to customize the Footer with Divi

Create a custom footer with Divi It is extremely simple. As far as the page is concerned, Divi is perhaps the WordPress theme that offers the greatest customization options.

This is because we can use the Divi editor itself, with all its tools, to create a very complete footer. Including, why not, a very attractive call to action.

Create a global footer

Creating a custom footer with Divi is very similar to how we saw to create a custom header.

Let's go to Theme Generator or Theme builder (depending on the translation you have) and within the Default Template we will Add global footer> Create global footer.

This will open the Divi editor so you can create, with all the elements of the constructor, a spectacular footer for your website.

Customize footer design

Once inside the editor you can create the design that you like the most. In the following video I give you a simple but elegant example of a footer with links to the most important parts of the website.


What I do in this example is to assign a dark background color to the section that will contain the footer created with Divi and then round the top corners.

Links to important pages

I will also be adding texts with links to important pages of the website. For this I first add a row with 4 columns.

Then, in each of the columns of the footer of Divi, I put an H4 title and below it, 3 or 4 text modules that will contain the mentioned links.

All these texts in white font color.

The links I recommend placing them with the Link option of each of the text modules, instead of inserting them with the text editor. It's more practical.

Copyright and social networks

Then I add a second row in the footer of Divi, to put the Copyright and follow buttons on social networks.

Also in white to contrast with the dark background of the footer.

In order for the social media buttons to adopt the white color, you have to enter the settings of each one and delete the background they have assigned to make it transparent.

And so ends this brief guide. Now we have a footer created with Divi very complete and elegant. I hope you liked this Divi feature.